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Hacktivists, heirs of the New Left

Le numéro de la revue Quaderni dédié aux ruses du hacking vient de paraître. J’y publie un article sur les répertoires d’action hacker et leur filiation avec la Nouvelle Gauche des années 1960 et 1970.

En voici le résumé :

After recalling the lineage between hacktivist pioneers and the anti-technocratic tactics of the New Left, this article construes the repressive wave that hit hackers at the end of the 1980s as one of the power strategies designed to close the crisis of governmentality initiated in the 1960s — a strategy that has since been reactivated whenever a “hacker front” seemed about to materialise. In so doing, it analyses this securitisation of cyberspace and the repression of transgressive action repertoires as a critical moment in the genealogy of authoritarian liberalism.