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Digitalization, power and resistance



(2019-2022) is a European research project which aims to shed a critical and historical light on the practices associated with the democratic oversight of intelligence services. The project is particularly focused on state surveillance activities.

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about:intel is a European forum where various stakeholders in the debates on state surveillance share their views and analysis. The project is hosted by the Stiftung Neue Verantwortung, a Berlin-based think-tank.

odyssée 2.0

Odyssey 2.0 is a photographic and literary project started in June 2020 with photographer Alexa Brunet. This reinterpretation of the myth of Homer questions our relationship to digital technologies.


Launched in September 2019, Technopolice is an action research project. It aims to document, at the French level, the deployment of new police technologies dedicated to the surveillance of urban public space, and to foster civic engagement against these projects.


L’utopie déchue

Through a crossed history of the state and the political struggles associated with communications techniques since the 15th century, this book shows why the emancipatory project associated with the Internet has been held up in failure and how new technologies are used for ever greater social control.

Telecommunications Reclaimed

This collective work, written by researchers and pioneers of Community Networks in Europe, is the output of the netCommons research project. It is designed as a guide explaining step by step how to build a telecom network managed as a commons preserving the rights and autonomy of its users.