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Why this blog?

I wanted to have a sort of diary where I could write down observations and reflections about the way our society is being transformed by ICT, how they bring about social change.

I used to want to work in the music industry and grew more and more fascinated by the way the internet transforms the way people access cultural goods thus challenging traditional business models. Then I realized I liked politics too much to just focus on the music sector.

From a more global point of view, however, the digital revolution is even richer. Information and communication technologies are altering the whole society, how we live and interact, and bring their own set of issues as well as fantastic opportunities.

First and foremost, ICT are having enormous political implications, and in that respect, chances are the revolution has barely begun. They’re transforming the way people access information (with the diversification of media sources), the way they can produce and broadcast content but also the way they relate to the State (with the development of i-government, e-administration and e-democracy).

Secondly, they represent an incredible potential for the economy. With a growth of 5,9% in 2006-2007, the ICT industry is the fastest growing sector in the European Union. The spread of new technologies in the rest of the economy also counted for half of all the productivity gains of the region between 2000 and 2004. Finally, the development of green IT suggests the huge contribution that new technologies could have in building a sustainable economic growth.

ICT are redefining the polis… and I’ll be able to say “I was there”.