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Thèse soutenue !

Enfin ! C’en est fini de cette thèse. Après sept ans de labeur, j’ai soutenu le 2 novembre 2017, entouré de mes proches (famille, ami.e.s, collègues) et face un à jury perspicace avec lequel j’ai pu nouer une discussion particulièrement riche. J’ai déposé le PDF sur l’archive HAL-SHS. Voici le résumé : Prenant pour point de départ les controverses contemporaines sur la liberté d’expression et la vie privée à l’ère numérique, cette thèse propose de revisiter l’histoire d’Internet au croisement de l’histoire du droit, des théories politiques et de l’histoire… Lire la suite »Thèse soutenue !

Alt. vs. Ctrl.: Thinking About Alternative Internets

Editorial notes for the Journal of Peer Production #9 on Alternative Internets By Félix Tréguer, Panayotis Antoniadis, Johan Söderberg The hopes of past generations of hackers weigh like a delirium on the brains of the newbies. Back in the days when Bulletin Board Systems metamorphosed into the Internet, the world’s digital communications networks – hitherto confined to military, corporate and elite academic institutions – were at grasping reach of ordinary individuals. To declare the independence of the Internet from nation states and the corporate world seemed like no more than… Lire la suite »Alt. vs. Ctrl.: Thinking About Alternative Internets

Rollback or Legalisation? Mass Surveillance in France and the Snowden Paradox

This piece was first published on ExplosivePolitics and MappingSecurity. On June the 5th, it will be exactly three years since Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald wrote the first article based on the trove of secret documents disclosed by the now famous NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Three years that saw the unfolding of an unprecedented controversy on the surveillance capabilities of the world’s most powerful intelligence agencies, thanks to the combined work of investigative journalists, computer experts, lawyers, activists and scholars. Since 2013, France is the first liberal European regime to… Lire la suite »Rollback or Legalisation? Mass Surveillance in France and the Snowden Paradox